Not affiliated with a major conference university?  Want to help the playoff cause, beyond lobbying your university decision-makers?  There are still ways to help!

Post Links Online

The more exposure PLAYitOFF.org gets, the more people use the site, the more pressure is put on University Presidents and Athletic Directors, and the more likely a playoff will become.  Links on other websites are particularly critical to moving PLAYitOFF.org up search engine rankings so that it appears higher up the list when people search for ‘playoff’ or ‘college football’.  So, get your favorite websites, blogs, etc. to post a link to PLAYitOFF.orgPLAYitOFF.org will post reciprocal links for all supporting websites.

Promote the site on message boards, etc.

Spread the word in chat rooms, message boards, and other web fora.  Some message boards are even indexed by the search engines and posting on those boards can also help move PLAYitOFF.org up search engine rankings.

Got other ideas how you can help, email us!